Choosing a school

The FAQ page is intended to offer good, ordinary advice to people who want to learn English.  For this reason the English used here is as simple and direct as possible.  The page is not intended to give English teachers material to argue about, and although it comes from Severnvale Academy, U.K. it is only partly intended as an advertisement for our school – if we think other English language schools may do some things better, we say so.  But of course we believe that the way we teach English is best – or we would teach it some other way!

Click on a question to go straight to the answer: 

1. Why learn English?
2. What is the best way to learn English?
3. So how do I find the best way of learning English for me?
4. How can I describe my level of English now?
5. Does my native ( = first) language make any difference?
6. How long will it take me to learn English?
7. Is it necessary to go to an English-speaking country?
8. Which English-speaking country is the best to learn in?
9. What kind of place is it best to study in – city or countryside?
10. What kind of accommodation is best?
11. Which is better – a big school or a small one?
12. Do small classes matter?
13. How can I compare one English language school with another?
14. Do I need to study grammar?
15. How do I learn enough words?
16. Which is the best dictionary to get?
17. How important is pronunciation?
18. What about exams?
19. If I need to use English for my work, should I study Business English?

Perhaps you haven’t found the answer to your most important question. If not, why not click here and send us your question here.

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